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22. The Moderation Diet Intro


The Foreword
Paul Geller, M.D.

When I first saw the manuscript of Renny Darling's new cookbook,
"The Moderaation Diet" (subtitled) Cooking Great! Looking Great! Feeling Great! , I was so excited that I wanted to write a few words to endorse the book from a medical point of view. 

Finally a cookbook has been written with the basic premise of "moderation" and "common sense", which happens to be my personal philosophy concerning food and health.  As a doctor, in practice for 25 years, I have always stressed, to my patients, moderation and common sense as the ultimate diet.  I had hoped for a long time that someone would write a book such as this.  This is a wonderful cookbook.

The relationship of diet and nutrition to good health is the subject of increasing interest and research. Americans are being reminded constantly of how food relates to their good health and well-being.  But food is also a tremendous source of pleasure and enjoyment.  In this cookbook, you will find the best of these two worlds:

                              1.  Eating for health...and

                              2.  Eating for pleasure.

Using Renny Darling's delicious recipes will not only be beneficial to your health but a source of pure pleasure and enjoyment, as well.  She is showing us how we can enjoy mouth-watering dishes that will also help us stay slim and healthy.  What a great combination.

To drastically reduce our food intake by low-calorie fasting-type diets, or to sacrifice texture and flavor with strange eating programs, can cause more harm than good.  Diet food is often bland and boring and delivers very little enjoyment.  Maybe that's why most diets fail. 

Ms. Darling's approach to attain nutritional balance is to keep in mind that fats, cholesterol, sugar and salt should be limited, but not eliminated.  Most foods can be enjoyed occasionally and in moderation (and that includes desserts).  

Renny Darling shows us how we can eat a pleasurable and varied diet, how we can enjoy great tasting dishes...and still keep a low calorie, fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt content.  

I would recommend that you browse through the contents, as I did, and note the variety and interest of the recipes.  This is not a "diet", but good food, deliciously prepared, that is good for you, too.

Although much has yet to be scientifically proved about nutrition, the evidence today impels us to change our eating habits, if, indeed, we want to be healthy and live longer.

And yet, eating is one of civilization's greatest pleasures...and this creative cookbook allows us to partake of this pleasure, with the added bonus that this pleasure is healthy, too.

Paul J. Geller, M.D.
Beverly Hills, California

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