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Great Beginnings & Happy Endings

Drinks with a New Twist


Beverages 242-251

Double Egg Nog Float with Kahlua 242

Hot Apple Cider with Oranges & Cinnamon 242

Cappuccino Supreme with Kahlua & Brandy 243

Coffee Punch with Brandy & Cream 244

To Make Coffee Ice 244

Company Spiced Tea with Cinnamon & Cloves 245

Spiced Apple Cider with Oranges & Cinnamon 245

Pink Champagne Punch with Pineapple Sherbet 246

Holiday Spiced Wine with Oranges & Raisins 247

Hawaiian Cici Colada 248

Mai Tai 248

Las Margaritas Mejicana (Lime Margaritas) 249

Kir Gallique 249

Holiday Egg Nog with Brandy & Kahlua 249

Grapefruit Margaritas 250

Sangria Roja (Sangria with Red Burgundy) 250

Hot Mexican Chocolate with Cinnamon 251

Sangria Blanca (Sangria with White Wine) 251


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