Renny Darling's

A Celebration for the Queen of Hearts
A Mother's Day Champagne Breakfast


Mimosas (Orange Juice with Champagne)

Compote of Mixed Berries
Easiest & Best Cheese Blintze Casserole with
Strawberries & Sour Cream

Crescents with Lemon Cream Cheese & Lemon Glaze
Apricot Walnut Cookies on Lemon Cookie Crust.



The menu for Mother's Day was kept simple to assure success. Mimosas are nice as starters. The Cheese Blintze Casserole is delicious and satisfying and a great breakfast dish. It is foolproof to prepare. The Compote of Mixed Berries is great with the casserole. Little Danish Crescents and Apricot Walnut Cookies are good with coffee.

As Mom deserves the "very best of the best", I have included a few extra options that you may wish to add for this special day. Scones, biscuits, glamorous pancakes and French toast, and a few great toppings will offer many choices for your "Queen of Hearts."



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