Renny Darling's

Family Dinners to Celebrate Easter Sunday

Country Vegetable Soup
Baby Muffins with Cheese & Chives

Honey Baked Ham with Glazed Cinnamon Apple Rings
Raisin Cornbread Stuffing

Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Lemon, Garlic, Dill Sauce

Bulgur Pilaf with Red Pepper
Rosemary Lamb with Tomatoes, Lemon & Garlic
Toasted Barley with Mushrooms & Onions

Country Corn Pudding
Glazed Brandied Carrots

Royal Peach Tart on Butter Cookie Crust with Lemon Cream -
Chocolate Chip & Pecan Pie

Torta de Pascal (Easter Lemon Ricotta Pie)


In this "Sky's the Limit" menu, vegetables are served early, in the soup, so you can get on to the wonderful dishes ahead. The muffins are made small so that appetites don't jade at the very start.

Lots of choices on this Holiday. Traditional Honey Baked Ham surrounded by beautiful Glazed Apple Rings, sparkled with a touch of cinnamon. Or a Honey Baked Ham with Apple & Cornbread Pudding. Two lamb roasts accompanied with bulgur or toasted barley are also lovely.

Glazed carrots are sparkled with Brandy. If Brandy is a problem, it can be omitted. The Glazed Carrots stand alone quite well. You will love the Corn Pudding. It is the essence of simplicity but so delicious.

A few desserts to choose from. The Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie is one of the best and I promise, everyone will ask for the recipe. The Royal Peach Tart is truly fit for a king and the Hungarian Walnut & Apricot Squares with the tart Lemon Glaze will please the most discriminating nut lover. Torta de Pascal is a lemony cheesecake pie and so appropriate this holiday. Enjoy.


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