Renny Darling's


Informal Dinner a la Grecque


Greek Salad with Lemon Dill Vinaigrette or Creamy Lemon Dill
Flaky Filo Cheese Triangles or

Olive & Lemon Dill Biscuit Muffins

Moussaka a la Grecque with Herbed Rice with Tomatoes or
Pastitsio a la Grecque

Easiest & Best Baklava

Greek Honey Cake
Greek Coffee


You would do well to consider this menu, in a Greek mood, for an anniversary dinner with family or friends. The menu is especially easy on the hostess, for all the dishes can be prepared a day earlier and reheated at the time of serving. Lots of interesting recipes...Greek Salad with a choice of two dressings. To accompany the salad the incredible Filo Cheese Triangles, or the delicious Olive and Lemon Dill Biscuits.

Moussaka, the classic Greek dish served with Herbed Rice is wonderful. Or prepare the Pastitsio, which is one of our family's favorites.

For dessert, the very exciting Greek Honey Cake. My Mom's Best Baklava are enjoyed by all and nice to have as an extra. Greek Coffee should be very strong and sweet and served in demitasse cups.

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