A Black Tie New Year's Eve Celebration

Royal Gateau Souffle with Pink Caviar & Dill

Marscapone & Chevre Layered with Pesto, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Chives
Small Soda Crackers, Crackling Frosted Grapes

Cream of Apple & Chestnut Soup or French Mushroom Salad with Dijon Dressing Burgundian Cheese & Chive Gougere or Croissants Burgundian Paupiettes of Beef with Mushroom Wine Sauce Casserole of Wild Rice with Apples & Chives Honey-Glazed Baby Carrots Cognac Mousse with Ladyfingers, Raspberries & Chocolate, or Souffle Cakes with Chocolate Ganache ___________________________

It often feels so nice to dress up in an especially festive manner, and New Year's Eve is certainly one of those times. It is a time of toasting to health, happiness and peace in the New Year. Tomorrow we will think of the practical...resolutions and goals... but tonight is filled with the hope and promise of all good things. This is a good menu to consider for any formal celebration, for it is appropriate to serve any time during the year.

The Gougere can be baked earlier in the day and heated before serving. It will settle a little, but the taste will still be wonderful. It is excellent to serve with the Layered Cheese, soup or salad. Choose either the Mushroom Salad or the mushroom vegetable. Prepare the mushrooms for the salad and the Dijon Dressing 1 day earlier, but toss them together before serving. All the other dishes can be prepared 1 day earlier and heated before serving.

For dessert, the Cognac Mousse is marvelously light. The Souffle Cakes are very attractive and very new. They can be prepared 1 day earlier and heated lightly before serving. Choose the dessert that best matches your guests' tastes.


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