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(The Love of Eating) "Combining a modern emphasis on quick-cooking techniques with an old fashioned design, this cookbook offers a trove of imaginative recipes. Darling establishes an intimate relationship with her readers, interpolating personal notes and helpful cooking tips. She successfully adds gourmet touches to easy-to-assemble dishes, offers such delights as Sour Cream Pumpkin Bread and novelties on the order of Cherry Herring Butter." (Publishers Weekly)

(With Love from Darling's Kitchen) "Darling's 7th cookbook, presents strong evidence that her imagination and flamboyant style have not let up in the least. Darling's inventive combinations of ingredients create recipes that are often easy to prepare, yet worthy of the most prestigious dinner guests. Darlings's love of desserts (and chocolate in particular) is obvious... such creations as chocolate torte royale with white chocolate and raspberry frosting..." (Publishers Weekly)

(Great Beginnings & Happy Endings) "...Darling's assemblage of hors d'oeuvres includes not only one's meant for entertaining, but also plenty of breads, soups, vegetables...Exciting and appealing combinations of ingredients are used; Darling relies heavily on lemon, garlic and wine sauces." (Publishers Weekly)

(The Joy of Eating French Food) "...Renny Darling has compiled a collection of recipes for traditional French fare that is elegant, yet relatively simple to prepare. From hors d'oeuvres to desserts, her selection of recipes is broad and imaginative. A good cookbook to reach for when one is faced with unexpected dinner guests." (Publishers Weekly)

(Easiest & Best Coffeecakes & Quick Breads) "Darling's 8th book is so full of imaginative, easy-to-prepare recipes. The volume's range of recipes is enormous." (Publishers Weekly)

(Entertaining Fast & Fancy) "While the more than 350 recipes are exceedingly genteel, they are nevertheless versatile. All recipes are clearly written with tips for making and storing ahead, and serving directions to ensure a reliable and proper party." (Publishers Weekly)

"I have every reason to believe your book, 'The Joy of Eating,' will become a best seller as well as a classic and will take its place alongside the Settlement Cookbook as a must for every household..." (Ruth Ziony, KPFK)

"If Renny Darling of Beverly Hills, author of "The Joy of Eating" served half the dishes appearing in her book to Harry, Joey, Jeffy and Debby" (her family, to whom the book is dedicated) then they have indeed, led a very joyous life. Lots of interesting recipes done with a flair and a direct understanding of family dining appeal." (Rose Dosti, LA Times)

"Beautiful books. The recipes are a veritable symphony and so hours and hours of preparation. These cookbooks are extraordinary. They eliminate all the time-consuming, irritating steps...all the kinds of things you thought you couldn't do, Renny Darling has made possible to do efficiently. These are marvellous cookbooks." (Paul Wallach, KIEV)

(Renny Darling's recipes were chosen to be transcribed in Braille.) "We are delighted to feature your recipes and feel sure that The Joy will bring joy to all our blind cooks." (The Braille Mirror)

"Your book is a delight to sell. Everyone is so impressed with the tempting recipes and the appealing format." (Esther Baum, Banbury Book Shop, Woodland Hills)

"We completely sold out. I'm delighted." (Fran C., United Book Distributors, CA)

"About a year and a half ago, Ms. Darling wrote THE JOY OF EATING and she labels her second venture "another simply delicious cookbook." That it is-- and every recipe fit for company. This is one of those softcover books that exudes with love. Introductions are written with tender loving care, and each recipe--whether it be Mushrooms Stuffed with Clams and Herbs or Carrot Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting--says "try me." It's a true dilemma. Which one to cook next? A fun cookbook whose title tells it like it is." (Mary Phillips, Sunday Mercury News)

"One of the joys in the way of cookbooks recently arrived on my desk. It's Beverly Hills resident, Renny Darling's THE JOY OF EATING. The book is based on Mrs. Darling's theory that it's possible to dine extravagantly without spending much time in the kitchen. Many of the recipes look very simple and delicious. Besides being attractively designed, the books should prove a boon to those who don't want to spend enormous amounts of time on kitchen chores, but want marvelous results." (Natalie Haughton, Daily News)

"We are delighted with the book sales." (Liberty House, Oakland, CA)

"Ever since Renny Darling's first book, THE JOY OF EATING, arrived on the cookbook scene, things have not been the same for California cooks. Imagine the joy of magnificent meals in a minimum of time, and assurance of success after success. That's Renny. Then came THE LOVE OF EATING and her new book, THE JOY OF ENTERTAINING more sensational recipes." (Director, Something More Cooking School, La Mesa, CA)

"Following in the wake of her two other marvelous cookbooks, comes a third no-panic, never-fail book filled with menus, recipes, planning pages, guest directories and more. With this one, Renny Darling makes entertaining easy, and yet certain to impress even the most discriminating guests. A host or hostess need no longer panic at the thought of cooking for company, and whether your choice be elegant or simple, formal or informal, you will be able to do it with ease. I always delve into Renny's books headfirst, knowing there are no failures ahead, therefore, I started by serving "An Italian Feast" on page 22.. sensational from start to finish. Once you've experienced cooking a la Renny Darling, you'll wonder how you ever got along without her." (Cookbook Corner, San Diego)

"She mixes a dash of glamour with a touch of simplicity. Glamorous but simple...That is what the modern cook wants...THE JOY OF EATING, followed by THE LOVE OF EATING and THE JOY OF ENTERTAINING are so many years spent simplifying complicated recipes." (Opal Crandall, Food Editor, San Diego Union)

"Healthy Cooking doesn't have to be boring. Pick up a copy of Renny Darling's "Moderation Diet" and you'll find a wealth of exciting, appealing and delicious light recipes for breads, muffins, casserole, small entrees, soups, salads,... It is not a diet book per se, but rather an eating lifestyle volume containing recipes low in calories, cholesterol, fat, sugar and sodium. Her philosopy is simple: A dish must taste delicious and be quick and easy to prepare--or it isn't worth the calories or time spent... Combines the best of 2 worlds...eating for health and eating for pleasure." (Natalie Haughton, Food Editor, Daily News)

"Darling's book (Entertaining Fast & Fancy) made it on the best-seller list of home entertaining books in Beverly Hills without hard-cover or big beautiful pictures. The reason may have to do with her keen sense of her audience, who probably cook just the way Darling does. She offers recipes for calzones, bourekas, pumpkin soup, orzo, tartufo, lemon cheesecake, whole wheat orange pumpkin bread...interesting." (Rose Dosti, LA Times)

In response to the number of sales of national bestsellers, ("2" and "11") the answer to "Is anything selling better?"... "Oh, sure. The last 40 copies of Joy of Eating and Love of Eating went out like a shot. They're sensational cookbooks." (Joan Ripley, American Bookseller)

In response to "What is your favorite cookbook?" Renny Darling's, "The Love of Eating" was listed as one of the top ten. (Los Angeles Times Poll)


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