What Fans Have Said:

A sample of testimonials from readers

"Just a note of thanks for the many enjoyable hours in my kitchen with my "old friends"---your cookbooks! I discovered you in Pasadena several years ago. I bought my first Renny Darling cookbook there and it was "love at first sight..." I would be lost without my Renny Darling cookbooks. You have the talent and ability to reduce the chore of cooking to absolute simplicity and the recipes are delicious and never fail. I want to thank you for your love and warmth that has reached us here in Puerto Rico, and my husband joins me in sending our love back to you. You must know that you've made many people happy with your wonderful recipes. For me they have the special ingredient of caring and sharing. With love and best wishes. Sylvia K., San Juan, PR

"HELP! I have lost my copy of "Entertaining Fast and Fancy". I have ALL of your cookbooks, of course. I have over 550 cookbooks but use yours as my "security blanket". My husband and everyone adores your "Crispy Chicken Oven-Fried. I have 4 daughters--so have to cook--but do not have the time (or want to, at this point!) to spend "fussing" in the kitchen....Thank you again for changing my life and in many ways, "saving" my life!" Henrietta S.

"If 'The Joy of Eating' by Renny Darling is still in print, I would like 3 copies. If this book is no longer available, please return my check and I'll slash my wrists." Linda W., Shandon, OH

"Dear Renny Darling, I want to explain to you how much you have done for me and my family by having written the most wonderful and exciting cookbooks I have ever used. Unfortunately, a few years ago, our only child contracted Hodgkin's Disease. He had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Needless to say, his appetite disappeared. He just would not eat. I tried everything. Finally, my cousin went to L.A. for a visit and brought me back "The Love of Eating." Our son started to eat and enjoyed most of the recipes I tried. I have since acquired all your books. Our son is now attending Harvard, is President of the Student Body Gov't, on the debating team, soccer team. If I sound like a proud mother, I want you to know, you take a lot of the credit too." Shirlee S., Miami, FL.

"I am quite a cookbook fiend. I have all of your cookbooks--and are they ever super! When I want a recipe that really works and is an absolute knock-out, I don't look in Julia Child or Craig Claiborne or the Time-Life Series or in any of the other books I've got on the shelves. I just go straight to yours, and I'm never disappointed. I have such faith in all your recipes--you are quite a wizard. Again, a very warm thank you for all of your hard work and truly wonderful recipes! CeCe C., Long Beach, CA

"Dear Mr. President, I salute your editorial judgment! Recently I purchased 2 cookbooks that have become the treasures of my library, both written by Renny Darling. Please consider this high praise! I have never once felt compelled to offer praise where it is due. Having perused through countless books, I consider myself quite an authority on what works and what doesn't, in recipe presentation. Beyond simple praise, you deserve to know why your books excel. Hence:

First and foremost, you start with interesting recipes...these books offer a brilliant selection.

Secondly, the recipes are presented beautifully. The art...and borders are very tasteful and appropriate...It really can make the book fun to read (not just a sterile white page with black words...May I add, it's very refreshing to read "in color"...

Thirdly, and probably the most effective, is the journalistic flair that often introduces the chapters and precedes individual recipes. The text is clever, (sometimes emotional) and so enjoyable to stumble across. It adds a special human dimension to the pages...almost as if they were talking to me.

Finally, they're pretty books. I'm never ashamed when my guests see one of them on my counter...in fact, I'm rather proud. I do hope the person or persons responsible for producing these books will know of my gratitude and appreciation. It is his/her flair that keeps the "JOY" books on my range when all my others are 2 rooms away. With my compliments..." Lorelei A., Des Moines, IA

"Dear Ms. Darling, I collect cookbooks, and I live abroad, and so on a recent visit to the U.S., I bought one, then two of your cookbooks. I was so intrigued with the sound of your recipes that by the end our leave, I had bought all five. Now that I am at home in Bahrain, I am having a wonderful time preparing some of your grand food. You may be interested to know that several of your dishes were amongst those I served at a morning coffee that I gave in honor of Shaikha Hassa (Queen of Bahrain) last month. They were Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips, Orange Date Nut Bread, Cherry Almond Muffins, Carrot Cake and Apricot Bar Delice Cookies." Ruth T., Bahrain, Arabian Gulf

"Dear Ms. Darling, Thank you for opening the eyes to novice cooks--for making us feel that we can cook French food without the frustration and intimidation most recipes offer. It was a wonderful day when I paid my favorite bookseller for your copy of "The Joy of Eating French Food." Never have I labored so little, cooked with such fine ingredients, earned so many compliments from family and friends, and derived such true joy in cooking as I have with the advent of your book. Your other books are on order and I am looking forward to loving them as I am loving your French cookbook. The last batch of your Buttery French Croissants are ready to come out of the oven, so with that, I wish to thank you again and again for sparking my interest in cooking." Carol S., Skokie, IL

"Help! I can't live without THE JOY OF EATING FRENCH FOOD. If I keep the borrowed copy much longer, I'm in trouble." Nancy D., Plymouth, MI

"I love you, Renny Darling! Heavens knows what (or if) I'd cook if I didn't have you to guide me. Yesterday I was down in the dumps (why is cooking dinner such a dread when you are down in the dumps?) when Federal Express arrived with ENTERTAINING FAST & FANCY. What poetry! What manner of good things! I don't know which I like better - your recipes or your delectable descriptions. There are so many goodies I can't wait to try that I invited company for dinner Friday and Saturday. My sweetheart and I thank you Renny, for lifting the summer doldrums and sparkling our social life. Stay well and happy and keep writing. A lot of us out here need you." Darlene S., Coral Gables, FL

"Fantastic Souffle---$100.00 worth of music." Lil P., Beverly Hills, CA (ED. Musicians at her party deducted $100.00 from their fee so that she would share with them Renny Darling's Chocolate Souffle recipe.)

(Excerpted from a 6-page letter) "You've been in my life through your books for about 7 years. I have acquired many cookbooks, but yours have become my bible! I know that each and every time they will religiously make me a star. Your recipes have made eating at home as exciting as any fine restaurant. I'm very discreet revealing the source of my raves and compliments. Selfish I guess, not exactly good for you in the way of promoting book sales. It's a discovery very personal and dear to me. Thank you for helping me to discover the wonderful world of cooking and entertaining...for making food enjoyable to prepare and a banquet to eat. You have enriched my life and those who have the privilege to eat your glorious food." Tracy S., San Mateo, CA

"You are a joy to share the kitchen with! I have many cookbooks but I find I turn to yours most often because the recipes are easy, interesting and good (the bottom line.)" Amy B., Lyndhurst, OH

"This is certainly the most outstanding cookbook (Easiest & Best Coffee Cakes & Quick Breads) I've ever found." Betty Sue B., Leaburg, OR

"I am interested in purchasing a copy of Renny Darling's new cookbook, "Entertaining Fast & Fancy." Ms. Darling came to Mr. B's (New Orleans) for dinner one evening and left a copy of the cookbook with me. Since then, we've all been fighting over who would borrow it next." Monica G., Mr. B's Restaurant, New Orleans, LA

"I have hundreds of cookbooks but I am cooking solely from yours." J.D., Santee, CA

"Thanks so much for the many great recipes. Every single one I have used has been a hit. From main meals to desserts, I could not get through Christmas without Easiest & Best Coffeecakes. Every year I try another recipe or two to give to friends and now they are requesting their favorites." Linda P., Bridgeport, CT

"I have all of Renny Darling's books and love them very much." M. G., Stamford, CT

"Love your new cookbook, "Entertaining Fast & Fancy." Barbara C., Portland, OR

"The Renny Darling Cookbooks are FANTASTIC!!!!" Kathe K. M., Great Falls, MT

"I have all your books and have given many to friends and really love all of them and use them often." Nina H., Westlake Village, CA

"The books are indeed beautiful and very inviting! I find them especially appealing because the recipes are so easy." Michelle K., Encino, CA

"I would very much like to obtain a copy of your wonderful recipe book (Joy of Eating) which a friend of mine bought in the U.S. some time ago." Kay S., Sydney, Australia

"She's Back! She's Back! Hooray! Hooray! (on hearing of new title ENTERTAINING FAST & FANCY) Valerie E., Pasadena, CA

"I own and love all your books." Phyllis D., San Diego, CA

"Where have you been all my life? Until last Saturday, I didn't think that a book existed which captured the essence of my favorite kind of baking. I love the whole layout, as well as innovative idea. What a treasure. Thank you...thank you." Alisa M., Pacific Palisades, CA

"I just cannot cook without a Renny Darling cookbook. Please send me 3 copies...." Shirlee S. Miami, Fl

"I have been reading your cookbook, EASIEST & BEST COFFEE CAKES & QUICK BREADS for the past several days. I must say I would like to begin at the beginning and "bake" my way through your book!! My appetite is whetted for more of your works." Thelma C., Big Spring, TX

"This is one (Joy of Eating French Food) of the finest cookbooks I have ever found, and my friends have so complimented my gourmet cooking that they want the book as well." Lois M., In. Wells, CA

"I just love your books." Barbara F., Oxnard, CA

"I visited my son last weekend and saw your cookbook. The recipes are fabulous." D.W., Geneva, IL

"Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me and my family and friends." Pat A., Woodland Hills, CA

"A friend of mine has allowed me to borrow...The Joy, The Love, French Food..written by Renny Darling. I am thoroughly enjoying and using these books. I am anxious to have these in my cookbook collection. Please hurry!!!" Carole K., Plattsburgh, NY

"Enclosed is my check for "The Moderation Diet".... What can I say except HURRY...I can't wait to receive it. I have Darling's cookbook The Love of Eating and it's become, out of my multi-collection of cookbooks, my all-time favorite. Thanks." Liz M., Miami, FL

"I am one of Renny Darling's biggest fans and I would appreciate any help you can give me in obtaining a copy of each of her cookbooks." Ann R., Miami, FL

"I am truly one of your biggest fans. Everything I have ever made or baked has been a huge success. The recipes are easy to follow and a delight to make." Corrinne R., LA, CA

"I have been using your cookbooks from the Public Library for the last 2 years for Christmas and other occasions. Well, I've decided I would like to own my own copies." Mrs. O.D. P., Blanch, NC

"Your books are great. I love them. Your recipes are great!" Julia F., Union, NY

"After baking so very many of your wonderful recipes, I feel I am on a first-name basis with you. This note paper has probably picked up the delicious aroma of "Cinnamon Apple Cake with Raisins & Walnuts." This kitchen smells awfully good...I want to thank you for taking the time to publish your recipes. Each one seems better than the one before! I love your muffins using fresh oranges and apples. Thanks again Renny! "Easiest & Best Quick Breads" has become one of my most used cookbooks." Martie R., San Bruno, CA

"Through a friend, I have received a couple of your recipes and have served them many times with lots of compliments. Please help me...is there anyway I can purchase your recipes." Signed 'A White Chocolate Cheesecake Fan,' Laurie T., London, England

"Recently I purchased your cookbook by Renny Darling and love it! It is by far my favorite cookbook--every recipe that I tried is delicious, and I love how personal it is." Pamela P., Cary, NC

"I recently was invited to a wonderful dinner at a friend's house. I had to have the recipe for the chicken dish, which she told me was from your cookbook. I live in Montreal and we do not have a lot of good cookbooks. I would love to buy your book." Marla F., Montreal, Canada

"I have Renny Darling's "Coffee Cakes" and it is the greatest! I wish to have more of her cookbooks." Nadine D., Burlingame, KS

"As a new wife, my mother-in-law lent me "The Joy of Eating French Food". Well, I've fallen in love with the many recipes, as has my husband. However, my mother-in-law wants the book back because she too enjoys cooking from it. Send me a copy as soon as possible." M. H., Middletown, CT

"I am going berserk over the cookbook. I've been using it every day." Mrs. D., Hawaii

"...fantastic...raved..went crazy...superb...Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing your demonstration." Mrs. Jody G. Santee, CA

"You're recipes are the kind I love, delicious and easy. Your cookbook is just great." Mrs. L.F., Baldwin, NY

"Luncheon Gourmet was at my house and the "Renny" menu was just beyond accolades. We had your Sweet Pea Soup with Toast Points, Cornish Game Hens with Brandy Butter Sauce (Oh what a wonderful stuffing!) Wild Rice with Raisins and Pine Nuts, Cranberry Tangerine Mold (still one of my favorites), and that super-sensational Praline Pumpkin Pie. I tell you, it was fit for a king." Mrs. Larry G. Santos, CA

"The brothers of the Zeta House would like to thank you for saving our stomach's the other night. One of our brothers attempted to cook dinner.(the cook was out sick.) Trying to outdo himself, he attempted the "Easiest and Best Stroganoff." Don't know how easy it was, but it sure was best! So we just wanted to thank you for writing a cookbook simple enough to pass the acid test of forty self-proclaimed gourmets." Brothers of Zeta Psi-Berkeley Univ.

"I have been having a ball. To say I am enthused would be putting it mild. I love the recipes you sent. I won't rest until I have tried them all. Here is my Fig Newton recipes. Really this is just a great big THANK YOU for your recipes." Gladys D., Seattle, WA

"My phone is always ringing from my friends wanting to share their latest wonderful "finds" in your cookbooks. My friends are effusive. One gave a dinner party. using your book, and had 4 converts on the strength of the Imperial Sauce Verte alone. She raved about the foolproof oven potatoes and said one guest was so thrilled because he hadn't that kind of potato since he was a little boy. You have opened up an entire new way of life for her and she can't wait to get in the kitchen now or to have friends over. What 'JOY' you have brought to all of us." J. G., Santee, CA

"I love your recipes, especially the ones that are so delicious and look like you've spent the whole day in the kitchen. More than that, I love your spirit." Mrs. Tamara C., Santa Clara, CA

"I own over 156 cookbooks and really love to cook. I don't need any more cookbooks. However, when I noticed your cookbook, I knew I had to have it. The ...recipes...turned out as well as I expected. Even my very picky children loved all three. This is my first fan letter of any kind. I am so pleased with your book that I had to let you know. Again, thank you for your lovely book." Wendy P., Leucadia, CA

"I just returned home from a bridal shower.. my gift was one of your books and you should have seen the comments! As the gifts were being passed around for viewing, THE JOY OF EATING took the longest to make the circuit. Your recipes are just great. Your "Raw Apple Cake" has gained much fame for me. Everyone loves it." Mrs. Glen G., LA, CA

"Your cookbook has enabled me to do the entertaining I love with minimum time and pressure. My Mom was an excellent cook and entertaining was always a family tradition so I think I am a pretty good judge of food. Your recipes are delicious!" Mrs. E.N., Westlake, CA

"We just keep happily and successfully "Renny Cooking" along. How neat to know you're never going to have a failure." Mrs. Jill F. La Jolla, CA

"Yesterday was breakfast at my husband's school and everyone had to take something. It was a sumptuous spread and everyone raved, raved, raved over my offering, with several saying it was the best they had ever had at the school and guess what it was? Renny Darling's Cheese Blintz Casserole."

"One day last week, I came home after a difficult day at school and made your crescents. I brought them to the secretaries at school. They raved and raved...Thought I was terrific. You really deserve the kudos...The recipes are terrific. Thank you so much for helping me be a cook that gets raves." Eve S., Woodland Hills, CA

"I love cookbooks and collect them whenever I can. I just started to use your book because it looked good and time saving (I have a 13-month toddler). I can't tell you how much our family enjoys the delicious recipes." Lorena F., San Francisco, CA

"I've always been interested in cooking. But since I discovered your books my reputation as a good cook "especially desserts" has really increased. I've got to keep impressing my friends. Your books are my favorite gifts. Thank you so much for your great ideas." Catherine Q., Mission Viejo, CA

"To me you are Renny, Darling. I was an enthusiastic reader of JOY and would refer to you as Renny, Darling when something was exceptional. And now, with LOVE you have become Renny, my darling! JOY was very good, but LOVE is exceptional." Dr. Morris E., Marina del Rey, CA

"My daughter is a Home Ec teacher and if I don't get her a copy of each of your cookbooks, she'll take mine!" Mrs. Robert C., Columbus, KS

"While browsing through a bookstore, I picked up one of your books and was very impressed by just its appearance. I have never seen it or heard about it, but bought it nevertheless because it caught my eye. After several recipes, I found it not only the best cookbook I have ever owned, but my husband and all of our friends are a captive audience every time I make any recipe from your book. I can honestly say I have made at least half of the recipes and plan on making all in time. We have been so happy with your book since the day we found it." Mrs. Phyllis R. C., Brewster, NY

"I adore your recipes." Bobbi L. San Francisco, CA

"While traveling, I saw two of your cookbooks and promptly bought them for my daughter. But being a selfish mother I read them and KEPT them! Now, I want to tell you how inventive and truly easy your recipes are. Fantastic!! Your books are my favorite reading material. Love your recipes ...most enjoyable...PS. I bought my daughter the two books also!" Nathalie O., Flushing, NY

"Every time I take my son to the orthodontist, I enjoy reading your cookbook,. I would like to have my own copy as my son is almost finished at the dentist and as much as I like your book, I can't keep going back and copying the recipes." Carol G., Vienna, VA

"I love your books. I collect cookbooks, hundreds, and yours are my favorite." B. K., Hazleton, PA

"To begin with, I love your cookbooks. Your velvet cheesecake with strawberry orange sauce has caused my friends to die of ecstasy. They think it is the best they have ever tasted. I agree." Yvette L., Encinitas, CA

"Just want to thank you for the wonderful recipes you've provided me over the last few years. Recipe reading and experimenting are my greatest joys and your books and monthly recipes have been a delight to have. Your recipes and comments are clever, creative and great fun. Thank you again for the pleasure you have brought to me." Maggie G., Columbia, MD

"Everything I try in any of the books (and I have them all) comes out good! Thank you." Kathe M., Great Falls, MT

"You're cookbooks are the very best I have ever seen. We have truly enjoyed all the recipes we have tried. The recipes are simple, unique and delicious. Thank you." Nancy J. Woodland Hills, CA

"I had to write and let you know how much I enjoy your recipes. I have used your recipes on many occasions and all I have gotten are compliments and "ooh's and aah's". If only they knew how easy it all was." Mrs. Janice G. West Hollywood, CA

"Sure have been enjoying your recipes. My favorite recipes are the easy ones that make me look good...like I worked all day." Davida R., Tarzana, CA

"I still rave to everyone about your cookbooks. Your recipes are simple, quick, elegant for our rushed existence." Mrs. Sue Carol I., Montreal, Canada

"You have great talent!" Earl W., Watertown, WI

" Your cookbook is more than a JOY. It is a LOVE. I love it." Dr. H.S., Beverly Hills, CA

"Your cookbooks are fabulous. Thank you." Mrs. James B. Rancho Mirage, CA

"Your cookbooks are fantastic." Mrs. S.C.I., Montreal, Canada

"I love your cookbooks. They're great." Mrs. Fred B., Eugene, OR

"I love your recipes." Mrs. Lee M.

In an interview with Carrol McCrumb (in the Fresno Bee). What are your favorite cookbooks? "I'm a recipe book collector. Any of Renny Darling's cookbooks are my favorite."

In an interview with Betty Brown, St. Charles, MO (in Bon Appetit)..."An inveterate cookbook collector, she especially enjoys reading Renny Darling."

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